Travel Blog List – Extended Time Off Work

I was scared when I decided to take time off from my corporate job, I even felt like the professional version of the ugly duckling. Since then, I’ve met many people taking career breaks, even those who love their jobs. Taking time off even seems normal now.

Here’s a list of people planning extended time off work or who are already on their sabbaticals. Follow them on their journeys and don’t be shy to say hi, especially if you may take time off one day.

Travellers I’ve interviewed

Bacon is Magic
In April 2010, Ayngelina Brogan left an her job in Toronto, boyfriend, apartment and friends to find inspiration in Latin America. Ad Agency Account Director to World Travel.

Connie Hum left her apartment in New York City and a job with an international consulting firm in Feb 2009 to explore the world. NYC Consulting to Extended Travel.

Veo el Mundo (“I see the world” in Spanish)
Holger Mette is an Australian lawyer turned professional travel photographer and has been travelling around the world since 2007. My interview with Holger Mette.

Nomadic Notes
I met James in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He’s a web designer and online travel marketer who has been travelling the world since 2003.

1 Year Sabbatical
Matt Koenig is a 40-something IT professional from the US who is planning a year off to Indonesia with his wife and two young kids starting June 2011. Sabbatical Leave, Family and Kids.

Travellers I’ve Met

Go See Write
I met Michael in Venice, Italy at a event. He’s a sharp and witty attorney who started travelling in 2008 and enjoys cigars, wine and photography.

Stop Having a Boring Life
I briefly met Rob in Bangkok. Before he started travelling in Sept 2009, he was an executive in a government relations firm with a house and long term girlfriend. He’s also a fellow Canadian from Ottawa.

Time-tested Travel blogs

Everything Everywhere – One of Time Magazine’s Top 25 Blogs in the World, 2010

Wandering Earl – A highly recommended blog by Earl Baron, who’s been working and travelling around the world since 1999.

Travelling couples

Jack and Jill Travel – a couple from the US who met in college, graduated, got jobs, got married, left our jobs, sold everything, and bought a one-way ticket to Colombia.

GQ trippin – a 20-something couple from San Francisco who loves travel, food and is starting their round-the-world December 2011.

Captain and Clark – a couple who met on the summit of Kilimanjaro and currently on a RTW hand-delivering letters they found in the Galapagos, to strangers around the globe.

Country-specific travel links

Canada travel blogs

I Backpack Canada – an award-winning, Lonely Planet syndicated blog, by Corbin Fraser (a super nice, 20-something Canadian guy)

Europe travel blogs

Europe Traveler – a blog about Europe travel, by Ross Fraser

Travel/blog networks

BootsnAll Travel Network – an independent travel company based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

More travel blogs

Travels of Adam

Man Vs Clock

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  • Open for interview me if you want; I am Australian, been travelling the world for 5 years now, my job is non stop travel , i work in international sports with Olympic Teams. As such that’s why i am always travelling for competitions, or training camps, or work with new teams. This year alone been 25 countries, and worked with athletes in both Korea, and China. Currently with China’s Olympic Team.

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  • Considered coming back to South Africa? It would be a whole different taste of Africa from that of Egypt. Cape Town is such a beauty!

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    • Hi Jacqueline, that sounds like a fantastic start to your RTW trip! I’m back from my trip, and it’s been quite nice to be in one spot again after being on the road for over a year. It will definitely be one of the most memorable years of my life though! Best of luck on your adventure, keep me updated!

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  • I have a friend that just decided to bike across the USA… here I am thinking about my financial responsibilities and the cost of living… his cost of living is zilch! I think that is how you get to really experience humanity… have nothing.

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